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UK is Full?
Are Politicians telling us the truth

HS2 — a wiff of Brown
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New Parking Regulation
The solution to parking in Private Managed Car Parks.
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UK law for UK
Why do our politicians allow the EU to make UK laws. What is the point of electing them?

English law for England
Why are non English MP's allowed to vote on English matters when we cannot vote on theirs? >> More

Education, its death
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Ditch Car Tax
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Births and Immigration increase population growth; Deaths and Emigration decrease it.
Some forecasts suggest Immigration and Emigration will eventually balance out each other out.
With medical advances, the death rate can only go down so Population Growth will depend on the Birth Rate.
Adding 1.1 million illegal immigrants takes the 2011 census population from 63.2 to 64.3 million. 10% of the census forms were not returned which could add a further 0.7 increasing the UK population to 65 million.
A revised population projection shows the government’s figure of 70 million by 2030 is still unrealistic. It’s going to be 75+ million.
The government’s HS2 vanity project figures make even less sense underestimating the traffic demand. 18th century wheels on rails! Double decker trains are used in Europe.
Will UK population growth be a factor in the new/enlarged London Airport?
Where is the increased population going to be housed, feed, educated ....?
The Editor Jan 2013

UK population to increase by a million new people each year by 2030  

2010 Tower Hamlets population density is 65,000/km2
Goverment's figure is 11,900 conforming to EU directives. 21 Aug 2011  

Population Explosion
  Our Politicians are carefully ignoring opening this can of worms fearing loosing their jobs. Hard decisions will have to be made effecting everybody's life.
  Is the UK actually full, does it have the room and resources to expand, are we not already full, should'nt we reduce the population to get rid of unemployment?
  Do illegal immigrants really add value to this country, how can a million people just disappear, who's looking for them, who's counting?
  What will happen to the million Turks flooding over here when they are emitted to the EU?
  The Media pick the facts to make their readers agree with their points of view even if they are wrong.

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